The Rolfing® Technique of Connective Tissue Manipulation

Structural Integration (SI) is a technique for reordering the body to bring its major segments — head, shoulders, thorax, pelvis and legs — toward a vertical alignment. Generally speaking, the Rolfing process lengthens the body, approaching an ideal in which the left and right sides of the body arc more nearly balanced and in which the pelvis approaches horizontal, permitting the weight of the trunk to fall directly over the pelvis; the head rides above the spine, the spine curves are shallow, and the legs connect vertically to support the bottom of the pelvis. MAN DEALS WITH GRAVITY in a way different from other animals. Rather than planting himself firmly on four or more supports, he has s


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Every body needs to know that physical health is not a luxury! Are you ready for transformation?

Rolfing® Structural Integration:

  The 10-Series

  Post 10 and 3-Series formats

Integrative Bodywork:

   Injury and Recovery

   Nerve Pain



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