Eric Maklan, PhD, Rolfer®, LMT

Brandeis University - BA Biology


University of California - PhD Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology

Dr. Ida Rolf Institute - Certified Rolfer®

My own life was transformed by Rolfing® Structural Integration. While in graduate school, I developed severe pain from a series of minor rock climbing injuries. One day I was fine, and the next day I could barely get out of bed. X-rays showed nothing wrong. My doctors could not explain why I hurt or guide me to recovery.


I tried prescription pain killers and muscle relaxants, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and deep-tissue massage. Each modality helped in its own way, if only for a limited time. But I was still not well.


Then, I tried Rolfing Structural Integration. The Rolfer worked on areas of my body that seemed unrelated to my pain. I felt like I was melting on the table as the tension was released. After one session my pain was almost gone. My neck and arms moved the way they used to. It was like a thorn had been removed. 


I knew right then my goal was to become a Certified Rolfer and to bring the highest level manual-therapy to every body. I found that my Ph.D. studies in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology were a perfect pairing for this new line of inquiry. In that work, I focused on understanding how single chemical bonds affect the structure of the molecular machines which are responsible for building every cell on Earth. I turned my eye to understanding the length and breadth of human anatomy, organization, and well-being.

I trained in Swedish and deep-tissue massage at the Midline School of Integrative Bodywork then trained in Structural Integration at the Rolf Institute. I hold certificates in the treatment of common injury and neural mobilization. I specialize in Rolfing Structural Integration, neural manipulation, and working with clientele who have not benefited from traditional approaches.

My approach to the body is informed by scientific rigor, intuition, and a deep connection with those I serve. I work everyday to deepen my knowledge and understanding of human physicality and integration. I maintain a daily yoga and mediation practice that continuously bares new insights.  


I was blessed with a wonderful and rewarding practice in Santa Cruz California for five years. Eventually, my east-coast roots called me home (I grew up outside of Washington, D.C.) and I decided to relocate. When I discovered the natural beauty of Chattanooga I fell in love with the blend of water, hills, and of course southern charm!


I’m very excited to bring Rolfing and Integrative Bodywork to Chattanooga and to share the benefits with you!