Promote recovery from acute and chronic injuries with highly productive manual therapy, sports massage, and orthopedic massage. Reestablish functional range-of-motion, manage inflammation, and ease pain. Ideal for sports injuries, accidents, and pre- or post-surgery. Release scar tissue and address non-functional movement patterns.

Nerve Pain

Pain starts at the nerve and many painful conditions are caused by trapped and compressed nerves. Neural mobilization gently frees sensitive nerves from surrounding structures using a light sustained touch. This approach allows the body to unwind without inducing additional pain. This approach is highly effective for tunnel syndromes, headaches, whiplash, back, legs, and arm pain. 


Relax away tight muscles and daily tension with a full-body deep-tissue massage designed to reconnect you with your body and mind. A combination of Swedish Massage and deep-dissue modalities that will leave you ready for anything. Make massage a part of your regular physical maintenance routine! Gift certificates and packages are available.

Bodywork that fits your body.